Casually layered tweed

Tweed blazers are traditionelly consisered very casual garments. This gunclub checkered tweed blazer opens for many possibilities to include colours of the pattern in the layers you wear with it.

As usual, a tweed blazer works very well to wear with other heavier fabrics like flannel, knitted wool and cotton, corduroy and denim. Here, I am wearing a lightweight quiltad jersey bomber jacket as a mid layer. It adds interesting colour, but also keeps you warm enough to use your blazer as outerwear.

The handkerchief I use connects to both the blazer and the shirt, and does not create an eye catching contrast on the chest. A common mistake many men make when starting to wear a handkerchief, is that they think it needs to be a bright splash of colour made of shiny silk.

The tie I wear is a very casual one, as there are levels of formality among different ties as well. For all too many men of today, just wearing a tie at all is too formal. For the old school redets here at TDC, this is second nature. I do have a feeling that many people she read these posts nowadays, weren’t here during the glory days.

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