The social media cult behaviour


As most of us active users of social media have discovered the last few years, there is a clear behavioural pattern for places like Instagram, then Facebook, and all too obviously the framework where this blog is situated, which can not be mentioned explicitly since it generates even further punishment on how this post will be visible for you readers out there.

The first steps in the social media cults are created by some brilliant entrepreneur, who comes up with a great idea that attracts creative people around the world to publish their well made and often fantastically good material. Time goes on, and many users build a large group of followers through their artistic skills and knowledge on the specific topics that thir feed is focused on. In our case, menswear.

Now, we come to the stage where many of these profiles, influencers and creative artists are more or less dependent on their little digital habitats, since that is the place where their followers come, and that is where their work can be seen. Displayed for this large group of people that understands the contents of the blog/feed/profile, and further enriches it with their own contributions in the shape of comments or likes.

This, is when the cult behaviour sets in. The people behind whichever platform we may speak about, form algorithms that limits how many of the followers of the media that will actually see the posts. Instagram is the most obvious example, where approximately only 7% of a persons followers, actually get to see the photos you post. Another example is Facebook, where the actual number of your followers does not matter anymore. Only a limited amount of you will see what we post. Then, we are offered to pay extra, so thatt more of you people who actually signed up to follow our activity, will also see what we give you.

It’s not enough that social media is overflowing with cheesy, tasteless, irrelevant and annoying commercial banners that completely ruins the expeience of the website, like here nowadays. Banners that in themselves finance their business quite well. The owners of the platform limits the source, that actually has built the fortune on which they benefit from:

No social media platform would be anything, without the talented users that create contents that attracts the interest of others, and thus the attraction of the platform in itself.

So please, dear owners of social media platforms: Don’t piss us creators of great contents in the face, with your agorithms, ugly banners and limitations of the tools we use to create it, or visibility of what we create. All for the sake of a dated way of making money.

You chase us away, and without us, you and your platforms, are nothing. Useless pieces of code. Grow some intelligence instead, use our efforts wisely and benefit more from them, instead of limiting us. Do what for instance Netflix does: Find ways to make money without pissing and cutting off the hands that feed you. Keep us alive and well. Once we’re gone, you won’t be able to revive us. Thank you.

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2 kommentarer till The social media cult behaviour

  1. Ivana Split skriver:

    brilliant writers! Without the creatives behind it, media platforms will perish.


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