1920’s shirt inspiration


Severely inspired today by Mark Powell Bespoke’s round tab collar shirt. I picture it worn with a brown three-piece, three button birdseye suit…
…a heavy key Chain and a darker brown white polkadot cotton tie, a white coarse linen hank and a brown herringbone newspaperboy cap.

Half Man Half Bisquit playing ”National Shite Day” to set the mood…

The most beautiful feature of this wicked shirt, is the collar stand. Properly about the height of Big Ben. No low, lame flat and uninspiring stuff.

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4 kommentarer till 1920’s shirt inspiration

  1. Mästaren skriver:

    Gone Punk have we now?

    • Archibald skriver:

      As in not conforming to the main stream? Oh yes indeed, always, dear Mästaren. Drones and dandies are modern day sartorial punks. Always have been.

  2. Mr. M skriver:

    Good to see you’re posting interesting stuff again 🙂


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