Adler Shoes, part two

Nej, jag har inte övergått till att blogga på engelska. Det har bara fallit sig så att de två senaste inläggen har en högst internationell koppling, vilket föranleder engelskt textinnehåll 🙂

Some time ago, we published a blog post about a new web based bespoke shoe making service from a company called Adler Shoes. A company claiming to offer a web based service for making bespoke shoes, at very attractive price rates, to say the least. Still, no one really dared to try placing an order, since a purchase meant a considerable amount of money. Even though fairly cheap in the context of premium footwear, an as said above, a pure baragain when speaking about bespoke shoes. It all remained a mystery, until a few weeks ago when one of our daring english readers took the leap, and ordered a pair of Adler bespoke shoes!

In the original post about Adler Shoes, the comments ended up in a long infected discussion between Adler Shoes, and our reader/customer. Unfortunately, discussions based on differing opinions such as this one are rarely solved via comments in a blog, and rather tend to take unfortunate turns.

For the record, I have learned that the two parts in the verbal duel, has spoken over telephone, and rather swiftly solved those misunderstandings rarely possible to rectify in a webdiscussion. And even better, the shoes arrived to our buyer last friday.

I have also been much reassured that he is neither a competing cordwainer or in any way else involved in the shoe industry. Nor an Adler Shoes coworker, but a decent, ordinary, and might I add wery friendly, cheerful and pleasant to speak/email with chap from the southern english westcoast.

To begin with, it shall be said that all web bespoke services, takes patience to use. Shirts, and suits are usually delivered in perfect fit, only after a few orders, when you have had the opportunity to correct your own measurements and made all those small adjustments to obtain the result you desire.

All of us that have tried different web tailoring companies, know that this is a stage you have to go through to finally have a measurement profile that you yourself is satisfied with. Therefor, your first order should be one using materials of a lower cost to produce a first ”test dummy” garment. Then, when the adjusments are made, you can endulge yourself in miner sorts of cotton, wool, or in this case last leather, to create the shirt/suit/shoe models of your dreams.

This is exactly what our reader has done. He ordered a pair of Adler Shoes Kent Oxfords, as a first try to come up with a first, well fitting shoe.

Then, after having reached a satisfying fit, most of us would probably want to create/order shoes resembling models seen from manufacturers making shoes at a price level you for one reason or another can not afford to buy. Just as you perhaps would like your shirt to resemble that model you’ve seen from Borrelli, Kiton or Barba Napoli, you might want to order an Adler Shoes brogue that visually looks alot like a pair of Edward Greens, or G&Gs?
Just my tuppence worth though 🙂

I would be rather surprized if anyone of you would want your web-bespoke shoes to resemble a pair of look-what-I-got-from-the-supermarket-for-£25-made-of-plastic nasty shoes? Because, as a customer, you have the possibility to alter the ordered shoe style, so it more or less looks just the way you want them.

Any way, after having sent the cast models of his feet to Adler shoes, our reader was told it would take four weeks for the ordered shoes to arrive. It took six weeks. Still, considering the time it takes to get a web tailor produced shirt, I wouldn’t say this is a very long wait. Adles Shoes would benefit from saying it might take six weeks to deliver the shoes instead. Rather than aiming for an in this context very short period from order to delivery, of four weeks.

When receiving the shoes, our reader experienced them to be somewhat tight. Adler Shoes immediately offered to have them stretched though. Adler also stated that they are changing the way that the cast prototypes are made, which hopefully will result in better conditions for obtaining a well fitting shoe. Our reader states:

”…the insole is the most well padded of any shoe I have bought, no doubt because the cast revealed that I had a high instep which off the shelf shoes cannot accomodate. However I will be surprised if the shoes can be stretched sufficiently so they might have to go back.”

Still he also says that -Once I am happy with the fit of this pair of shoes, which were a dummy run before I went for something exotic I will take the opportunity to buy a pair of crocodile skin shoes (or two, in time) that I could not have afforded from the mainstream suppliers.

After all email correspondence with the man who made the order, I take this as a hard piece of evidence that Adler Shoes actually delivers what they claim to deliver. Hopefully, I will be able to fill you in on how this first order will end.

Meanwhile, behold an image of the shoes that were ordered here below. I can also assure you that it is genuine. A good reason I believe so is that the image number, followed the preceding imgage that accidently was attached to the email, resembling a cheerful young girl, skipping on a trampoline with a spectacular view of miles and miles of english plains in the background 😀

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10 kommentarer till Adler Shoes, part two

  1. Mästaren skriver:

    Intressant med en rapport efter flitigt användande.

  2. R skriver:

    Kommer ni ihåg att kolla thediningdrones gmailen ibland? Jag har inte fått svar…

    • Archibald skriver:

      Hej. Ser att ditt mail legat i hela två dagar! 😉 Ska puffa lite på mannen som säljer. Beklagar att vi ibland dröjer med svar. Dock lätt hänt då mailboxen inte tillhör en fysisk person, utan snarare ett kollektiv av folk som är högst aktiva inom sina respektive övriga yrkesområden.



  3. The Eagle skriver:

    I hope you can translate. If you look at the Styleforum website you will see my entry. Basically I too took the white knuckle ride with Adler, and, now have 2 superb pairs of shoes. The 1st pair did take 3 months to arrive, but I do know that Lobbs take 10 months, and Lobbs do cost £3000 (my reading of the Evening Standard filled me in on this from my London days). Adler, by the way, is German for Eagle, and on styleforum my name is The Eagle. Word of warning on new Adler shoes, as they are traditional leather soles, dont wear them in the wet first time, wear them in dry weather for the first few outings.

    I must admit that I found my 2 pairs both to be supremely comfortable, and, unfortunately, I do NOT know how to get a photo downloaded onto this site but I have 2 photos on Styleforum, both are of my 2nd pair, mid-brown Londoner II:

    I hope Eagle (Adler) Shoes keep going for a few more years, as I can only really afford 1 pair every year or so.

  4. Dear Eagle,
    thank you for your comments and I’m happy that you enjoy the shoes. As to the ”leaking”, this happens because the leather sole, the welt and the upper mold themselves together during the first times of wearing the shoes. The sole, which is pit-cured will also compress further and become water resistant. A short-cut would be to use sole-oil, but even with sole oil, the first times only in relatively dry weather as we say on our website. Let me assure you, we intend to be around for a long time 🙂 ehem … ”white nuckle ride?”
    I would like to take the opportunity to say that our New York operation has not been directly affected by the storm but, two FedEx shipments with some 49 pairs of shoes and boots to be finished are currently held in Philadelphia PA by FedEx since last week and should be arriving at our Manhattan facility early next week when hopefully power will have been restored in the area. If customers who had an email already that they would receive their shoes this/next week, I’m sure you’ll understand that there will be a delay of one week,

  5. To clarify the above, none of the shipments is actualy over its delivery time 🙂

  6. The Eagle skriver:

    Dear Mr Adler

    Thank you very much for your reply. Just to finally say that I am glad that you will be around for a long time as you have here in South Wales (UK) a customer for life.

    Thank You

    Tony (the Eagle)

  7. We have now introduced our new casting process which is much easier than before in our UK & US sites – Germany will follow soon – now, all you have to do is put on a sock that is elastic and will form raound the shape of your foot – see here

  8. waiting guy skriver:

    We are still waiting on shoes that were ”delayed” by Sandy.

  9. since there is only one with this problem I kinow who it is – there was not one problem but 3
    1) yes, we had a few problems during ”sandy” at our NY station which delayed some orders
    2) this particular order provided a very bad cast and did not provide the controll measurements
    3) then to top it all off, the packet – the first one – got lost in the mail – now they do offer a search service but it takes 6 weeks + so we decided to make the shoes new
    What surprises me is that people simply did not bother to supply the controll measurements which for our old system were very important – for our new system not so since the socks are simpler to use and it is impossible to make them too tight which did occasionally happen with the bandages before but we could adjust this with the controll measurements


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