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Recently, there was a discussion regarding Adler Shoes in some of the comments that followed a previous blog post. I usually do not publish texts in english since this, with some exceptions, is usually only done well by native speakers. The debate on this subject is international though, so the only fair thing is to keep the discussion in english. I hope that comments posted will follow my example.

Below, I will give my own highly non scientific view on the Adler Shoes matter. At the end of the post, John H. Adler himself gives his version about the accusations of plagiarism.

Adler Shoes seem to be a cordwainer version of the many already existing web tailors we have seen popping up here and there on the internet over the last years. They claim to deliver premium, custom made shoes at price levels corresponding to off the rack average high quality shoes.

Voices in various style fora claims that Adler Shoes have stolen product images, or parts of shoe designs, from other manufacturers such as Gaziano & Girling, and used them on the Adler Shoes website. We intend to keep an objective, open discussion here at The Drones Club.

As the subject was debated here at The Drones Club, I contacted Adler Shoes and asked them if they were interested in supplying me with a product sample for evaluation. Unsurprisingly, Adler Shoes replied that they get quite a few such requests every week, and that a narrow marketing budget combined with their low price policy, does not give room for such extra costs.

Adler Shoes further explains that their main marketing tool besides ad-words, is word of mouth and re-orders by existing customers which the claim, precludes a level of satisfaction with the shoes and boots they deliver.

I have not experienced any Adler Shoes Products myself, but a few other similar tailor web services. My own theory is that the result to be expected, is likely to be based on the same criteria as the goods delivered from web tailor services?

Web tailors have many different fabrics to choose from, with an almost arbitrarily varying level quality. From very good, to not so very good. Impossible to tell, without ordering fabric samples before placing the actual order. Adler shoes offers a wide range of different last leather sorts in various colours.

The fit on a web tailored garment can be stunning, but is as likely to be far from what you expected, since no fittings are done while the shirt, suit, or shoe is being made. You never try the garment on until you receive the finished product. In the case of web tailored shirts, this sometimes demands numerous orders, before the measurements have been adjusted to satisfaction.

Below, Mr. John H. Adler gives his reply on the accusations that Adler Shoes have stolen designs, and even product images from oter premium shoe manufacturers.

Dear Mr. Mulliner

I had a look at your distinguished forum and noticed even with my none existent Swedish, that someone mentioned that we supposedly took pictures from other sites. All pictures on our site are taken from shoes made for our customers or photo models we made.

We use a professional photo-studio in Germany for all our shotsWe do offer the service that if someone wants a particular shoe made he can send us a picture and we will make it. This is one way for us to add new models to our portfolio. Also, one has to bear in mind, that a brogue is a brogue and an oxford does not leave an awful lot of design possibilities.

Our model ”Brighton” for example was made for a US customer who supplied us a picture after which we produced the shoes. It looks maybe similar to the model in the link your member shows, but when you look at details and proportions you will find a clear difference.

This by the way is another reason why I do not advertise in forums, we are often attacked by other shoe maker who feel threatened by our low prices and they use forums to do so. Our policy is to provide bespoke shoes to a much wider audience who could not afford the usual prices or simply are not willing to pay such large amounts.


John H. Adler

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  1. Ing. Nilsson skriver:

    However sympathetic the cause, if one considers the number of visitors to the forum, the good-will to be obtained by providing the real deal and the possibility to show once and for all the splendid product Mr Adler allegedly provides, it is astonishing that he didn’t jump on the occasion of getting marketing impact at the price of their profit over one single pair of shoes.

    As far as the copying of designs is concerned, I really could not care less provided the product fulfils the promised standard. The inspiration of the shoemaker does not concern me much if I like what I see (and it correlates well with the product I get in the end). That said, it does not add to the confidence of the purchase if the supplier shows only a bunch of more or less altered photographs of shoes from competitors – in fact it does seems a bit cheap and would easily put a customer off (as Olaf stresses in his post on the subject).

    Provided I get a good review from a trusted source, I would not hesitate to go ahead with the efforts of casting and submitting the result to Adler for the production of a nice pair of black sting-ray whole-cuts. Without any source, I will not!

    • Archibald skriver:

      Yes. The word of some mouths, shall we say, are spread a little more. Bit of a pity, but it is Adler Shoes’ loss.

  2. Ing. Nilsson skriver:

    Very true.

    I can’t help it, but I get associations with Adler’s argumentation that goes in the direction of Nigeria-letters and the like. If they do provide the premium products they claim to do, there should be plenty of happy customers singing the benevolent Adler-tune on any weblog or forum who will have them.
    As for yet I have found no independent source of information to the quality and service of Adler shoes.
    Given the amount of fraudulent vendors of all kinds of things on the Internet, only a complete fool or a man with enough resources to be careless would give it a try. The latter however, would more likely go to John Lobb et al anyway.
    I think that one content customer, known for a sound knowledge amongst his fellow men, giving a postive review of the shoes and fitting would probably result in an avalance of orders for Adler. The question now is whether or not he can provide one single pair at all.

  3. No name skriver:

    Funny that the exact same expression as in the only positive comment on style forum is used above …

    ”brogue is a brogue”

    ”Was quite surprised to read all this negative stuff here. Been a customer of theirs for some time and had four pairs of shoes and one pair of ankle boots made. Not only did they all fit perfectly, but the quality was very good and so was their customer service. If you chaps find them too cheap, I must say I got very good quality for a very good price. For the same money I’ve spend for the 5 pairs, I would not have been able to get one pair from for example John Lobbs.

    I’m also not quite sure what those allegations of the pictures being from other sites mean. I did do a check and even though the models may be similar (a brogue is a brogue) , they are certainly different pictures. I checked in photo shop and over-layed them which results in different shadows shapes and depth’s – I wouldn’t have joined here simply because I find shoes not exciting enough to make them a hobby of mine, but was simply amazed by the unqualified rage against this company bar any foundation. I think you also got heir html addess wrong its

    • Johan skriver:

      The quote from the above post comes from a person nicknamed ”John1986” and strangely, a poster here, who also happens to praise Adler Shoes, is named ”Irene1986”. A strange coincidence, one must say.

      • Ing. Nilsson skriver:

        Here is another link referring to Adler. The problem is that it looks like a press release submitted by Adler Schuhe themselves and without any critical scrutiny what so ever. Like No Name points out, the only ones joining the happy chant of Adler shoes appears to be – with one exception only – really short-lived aliases on fashion fora who do not substantiate anything they are saying by means of figures or solid references. That they only have a handful posts under their aliases and only seem to care for Adler shoes, does not really add to confidence on my part.

        So, Mr Adler, could you please refer to a happy independent customer who’d like to share some photographs and possibly a review with us?

        Thanks in advance.

      • Ing. Nilsson skriver:

        Sorry, for the interested I forgot the link:

        For those interested in the further activities of Mr ”Franz2011” and his other topics, please have a look at:

        As you will see, nothing save Adler shoes is elaborated on in his comments.

  4. John skriver:

    I’m quite amazed at the hostility one receives from this forum, but this is nothing new. Without having any experience of our service statements are made based purely on assumtions. Here is my send mail I had send to the editor:
    A lot of people make incorrect assumptions and post messages based on those bar any factual contents – example – I can make out one poster saying “we use plaster casts” even though he obviously has not tried our service nor bothered to research any information (it says on our website “THIS IS NOT A PLASTER BASED MATERIAL”) because otherwise he would know that we are NOT using plaster casts.
    We use an especially for us and this purpose developed soft plastic bandage which hardens within 6 minutes without any heat developing once the activator is applied. It is CE approved and none poisonous. The resulting cast is thin, very light and in itself flexible so it can be easily cut and removed but will not deform. The result is an exact replica of the customers feet from which we proceed and make model lasts. A plaster cast would be impossible to use in our system.

    This is exactly why I’m very hesitant to get involved with any forum.

    The copying of images is another thing we are accused of which is simply not true, but stated by posters as fact. Besides the standard Brogues and Oxfords we offer shoes that I have designed myself or made based on pictures send by customers who like a particular model but usually it is not available bespoke or already out of production. Right now we are producing 9 pairs of such shoes based on pictures for customers from the US alone of which one or two may and up as models on our website.
    Also, I would like to point out that we accept PayPal and the contract partner is a German company. If our customers were unhappy with our service we would have been shut down a long time ago. About 25% of our business is based on re-orders every month.
    We simply offer a low cost alternative to Lobb or others in their price range for people who do not want to or cannot spend thousands of Euros on a pair of shoes but would like to wear bespoke stylish shoes or need custom shoes due to some physical ailment.
    Until now those needing custom shoes due to a physical ailment had to rely on orthopedic cobblers who generally make generally not very attractive yet expensive shoes or they have to suffer the discomfort standard sized shoes cause them.
    I’m proud to be able to help and be of service to our customers who have these problems as I’m also proud to offer very cost effective products to those who simply enjoy a stylish shoe that fits well but doesn’t cost thousands of Euros.
    To those posters who may be offended by our low prices, please simply keep on buying from Lobb, Green or others in that price range…. We do not view them as – and we do not want to be their competition.

    • Johan skriver:

      Your paranoia, Sir, is not helping. None I believe, would be offended by your prices. People, however, do seem to get cautious when, all of a sudden, a company offers something which sounds too good to be true and when there seems to be no reliable third -party opinion regarding the quality of your shoes and your service.

      I would be very happy to buy a pair of your shoes – once I have a source that tells me they are indeed as good as you tell us.

  5. L skriver:

    Dear Mr. Adler…without fittings, it simply isn’t bespoke. It’s MTO.

  6. John skriver:

    our system is more precise than the usual measurements and we have a 99.8% success rate first time. If the shoes do not fit, the customer has not followed the instructions but even in this case we talk it over with the customer and either make some changes to the shoes or the last and a new pair – this we clearly say on our web site

    Fittings are necessary with the old method with drawing the circumference and measuring ball instep etc which can never be 100% accurate. Our system results in a perfect mold of the customers feet – standing with his weight on his feet –

  7. Archibald skriver:

    I am sorry if the tone in anything I have written seem hostile to you. This is why I usually try to avoid writing texts in english. Small nuances are hard to express in other languages than your native tongue.

    Some previous comments made by other readers are maybe, as you say, not based on facts but on speculations made in other style fora or communities? A side effect of not knowing for shure. People for some reason tend to react quicker and more intensely on bad word of muth, than on good word of mouth?

    One of the main reasons I think it is important to, in different ways, make shure a good product is proven to be just as good as promised by the retailer. Before rumors of the opposite are generated and spread by the too common moaning and wining people that roam the world wide web.

    I also understand your frustration if your experience is that Adler Shoes is constantly, but wrongly accused of using doubtful methods etc?

    My own impression of the two comments above (my own not included), is that it is hard to motivate a still fairly large investment in a par of shoes, that are sold at a price that you must admit can be experienced as close to too good to be true? This without having any actual facts about the product, given by neutral sources, to rely on?

    My intention was to ”order” a pair of your shoes, all according to the chain of services you use to produce them, and then in an objective tone write about the result here in this weblog. If the product is just as good as stated, a substantial amount of swedish readers would get to know about it.

    The Drones Club is a fully neutral publication, currently edited by four writers. Of course, what we write is affected by our personal opinions. Over the years, our few but yet informative product reviews, have been appreciated by customers aswell as retailers.

    We mostly review things we buy ourselves. On other occasions, retailers supply us with a product. Well aware of that what we write in our reviews, is what we think. Unfortunately, we couldn’t possibly buy and review all goods our readers would like us to.

    Yes. If we experience that the garments we try, do not correspond to the expectations given by the sellers arguments of quality, we try to explain why we think so. If the shoes, shirts, suits or trousers are good, we explain in what ways, and for what reasons we think so.

    A one hundered percent overwhelmingly positive review should never be expected, in any situation, as a guarantee. This since quality, aswell as beauty, is in the eye of the user/beholder. The seller of a well made product, created using high quality materials, would have little to fear though?

    I can not expect you to trust us, since you do not know what we stand for. What I do know though, is that a Drones Club review of Adler Shoes, would be an apportunity to have that word of mouth spread to a very large amount of people, in a context where all readers are potential premium shoes customers. Many of which are willing, and able, to pay what a good product is worth.

    That, is why I see it as Adler Shoes loss, not to benefit from the positive effects that a good pair of shoes most likely would generate here at The Drones Club.

    If you shoes are just as good as you say, a fact that I can neither question or confirm, Adler Shoes will over time probably become a very successful company, with many satisfied customers.

    Before that, the few(?) positive voices will probably be questioned by many. People fancying classic shoes and tailoring are, according to my experience, no too easily flattered. Often one stick to old manufacturers, that through the years have earned positive reputations, and become classics.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    Kind regards


  8. Ing. Nilsson skriver:

    Dear Mr Adler,

    As I wrote in the previous weblog post referred to above, I have no problem what so ever with the source of inspiration used by the shoemaker.
    Provided the shoes produced are of good quality and fit well, I do not care how much esthetic imitation goes into the process. However, the lack of references, evidence or photographs from third party and the fact that the price is ridiculously low compared to the more well-known bespoke shoemakers makes me reluctant to order a pair.

    If you have such an extensive network of craftsmen all over the world, then somewhere someone of your numerous customers must have been so happy (or sad) that he’d post it on a fashion or style forum. Unfortunately my google-efforts in finding any such a review have failed miserably.
    This leads me to conclude that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is…

    Like I wrote before, a positive review/reference from one of the moderators of this forum would certainly lead to a lot of new customers for you, but as for yet I’ll settle for my standard last from Crockett & Jones.


  9. John skriver:

    Some last comments I would like to make,

    we did not start this here

    we did not attempt to gain customers from this forum

    we do not have a single customer in Sweden since we are not actively promoting our service there due to language problems

    our main markets are Germany – the UK – the USA but we of course accept orders from anywhere except some rogue countries where they cannot use PayPal

    we have had a similar hostile reaction in another forum (British) – and a customer of ours who posted a positive comment was immediately identified as being from ADLER to trump up business and he was attacked as well until a long term member posted that his friend had shoes from us and was extremely happy with them in his words – best shoes he’s ever had … it’s a UK style forum – the chap has over 2,000 entries there and apparently is well known – at least this got them to shut up

    anyway, all the best

    • Ing. Nilsson skriver:

      Dear Mr Adler,

      The comments of ”TheWraith” on SF is the sole reason I bothered looking for references at all. However, this person/alias has yet failed to substantiate the opinions of his friend and mind you, ”TheWraith” never said anything about his own experience on the matter.

    • Archibald skriver:

      It would probably be of great help for Adler Shoes if a link to theese positive comments made, is posted here. You are welcome to do so. We usually do not allow retailers to market their services here on their own initiative. I will make an exception in this case.

      I believe that you unfortunately underestimate the value of the swedish market. The amount of potential swedish Adler Shoes customers i likely to be fairly large. Swedes in general, also speak quite good english 😉

      • Ing. Nilsson skriver:

        Regarding the link, this has already been provided by ”No Name” in a comment published above. In addition, Mr Adler is clearly aware of it as well as he refers to this ”chap” in one of his comments. 🙂

        For the record, Swedes looking for shoes of this type tend to have even more languages up their sleeve, so ordering for example in German should not be a major obstacle.

      • Algy skriver:

        Hmm, I really can’t see the relation between language skills and good quality footwear. But maybe it’s just me..?

  10. Kejsaren skriver:

    I suggest we collect money to one of the TDC-persons (Archiband?), and then we have some facts on the table. I think we’ll get the money quick.

    I give 200SEK. But I need som bank account!

    • Johan skriver:

      I second that!

    • Ing. Nilsson skriver:

      I would also be contemplate a small contribution, provided that Mr Adler agrees to a price covering solely the costs for production and shipping. As a matter of principle I do not feel the need to pay for any marketing on Mr Adler’s behalf.

  11. lano skriver:

    I most certainly cannot understand the criticism towards Mr. Adler. If you dislike what he is doing, don’t go shopping for his products, but please, give the poor guy a brake. I’d love to try his bespoke service, unfortunately, my financial status says otherwise as of today. However, I believe I will give it a try, in a not too distant future, and I promise to get back with a review. Good or bad -so be it.

    • Algy skriver:

      Though Mr. Adler seems to be a polite and well-spoken fellow, there is something fishy about the way he is fending for himself in a rather obscure (no offense, my friends) weblog based in a country that is apparently not on his ”important markets” list. It gives me the feeling of someone extremely afraid of bad publicity, since there is no good dito to find anywhere on the internet. And believe me, I HAVE been looking for it.

  12. John skriver:

    Dear (by lack of a real name) Algy,
    the only reason I got involved in this ”discussion” was an email I received form one of your admin people. As I mentioned before, I reject the ”judge & jury and who needs facts” aptitude of forums and had I just come across this forum I would never have besome involved.
    Now we have reached the point of personal attacks – calling me in person “fishy” – and I shall not continue writing any further comments here. I have simply spent too much time and work setting up this business over years to be called ”fishy”.
    We have about 80 German lawyers as customers in our database and I’m making my last point here – what do you, in your apparently ”infinite wisdom”, think what would happen to a German company selling products to German lawyers if they are not happy with what they receive?
    Please do not see my comments here as ”fishing” for orders; we are doing pretty well with our markets. I just use my right to defend myself in a ”court” where one is accused of something without the prosecution needing any evidence and where one has to prove that one hasn’t done something.
    You all have a good life,

    • Algy skriver:

      Dear John,

      Nota bene: We all use psuedonyms here.

      Please present us with sufficient source material regarding the quality of your footwear, or I am afraid that this will go on or simply die out without you gaining anything in terms of trust.

      Nota bene 2: I have never called you or anyone else fishy. I think there is indeed something fishy about the WAY you passionately through yourself into this discussion, fending for yourself and your products in a way that I have never seen anyone else from a company do when they are as sure about their own quality level as you seem to be, especially since you keep pointing out that you don’t need new customers. If you are sure about yourself and your company, if you have a lot of people loving your products, if you don’t need us buying them, I suggest you let go. No one will blame you and your products will stand for themselves.

      I have learned from many years of shopping online to never trust the sole quality guarantee of the shop itself, be it Cordings or Church’s or any other well-known player on the market. It’s simply too great a risk spending too much money on bad products. The only thing you can trust is the opinions of people you actually trust (fellow Droners for instance). So this, John, is a race you can never win.

      There is a much better way to stop speculations like these: Let your allegedly very satisfied customers say this in public, on your website perhaps or in the many style forums on the internet? I don’t think a person considering your shoes being ”the best shoes he’s had” will say no to this. Or even better: Let interested reviewers evaluate Adler shoes and write about them!

      I actually don’t understand why you don’t take the opportunity to show the internet exactly HOW good your shoes are. As has been mentioned above, they are priced far below the prevalent market price for such products, which in itself is something that can lead to suspicion among people interested in quality garments.

      Yes, there is something fishy about all this.

      All the best,


    • Algy skriver:

      Ooops, I actually happened to write that I will ”continue seeing him as fishy” in an earlier post. Sorry about that, it was a bit rash! Concering everything else, see the post immediately above.

    • Ing. Nilsson skriver:

      Dear Mr Adler,

      I understand your urge to defend your products very well and most certainly you have the 80 most prominent lawyers of Germany in you portfolio. The problem lies in the fact that nobody of these 80 lawyers (or anyone else for that matter) has made any remark anywhere on the Internet that appears independent and reliable. As you probably can appreciate, with all the dishonest vendors on the Internet these days one has take caution. This is why I am looking for a reliable source who subscribes to the splendor of your shoes.
      For me only your assurence of a premium product, given that you charge 20% of what normal bespoke shoemakers charge, makes a purchase too risky.


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  14. Danskeren skriver:

    Gents, I am new to this site – but found this thread while doing a search for reviews on these shoes. I am willing to take the chance and order from this shoemaker, so as a small potential upside for me – will you be interested in chipping in with a Paypal contribution after I (hopefully) recieve the shoes and write a review about them incl photos? I can even offer to display the shoes to TDC members visiting Copenhagen, just so you know it will not be a ‘mock’ review.

    BTW: love your site, fortunately I can understand most written Swedish, but figured I would spare you of dechifering this message in Danish 🙂

    Venlig Hilsen, Mads

  15. whiteshirt skriver:

    well, just face the facts: There are definitely pictures of other manufacturers at the website of Adler shoes. Loake Paisley is 100% the so called New Yorker of Adler…

  16. John skriver:

    just had a bit of time and checked in here to see if there was any further verbal Diarrhea about my website and pictures and shure enough, whiteshirt is the speciallist who can say 100% that this picture is from another manufacturers website – congratulations .. only, we made this basic, classic Monk model for a customer in New York and after he got the first one he ordered another in Crocodile with a slightly square toe cap and took pictures of both to include on our website and the name .. oh yes, the chap is from New York so I called it New Yorker

    • Archibald skriver:

      Hello again

      Things like theese often become a sort of witch-hunt. Poeple tend to look for what they want to see. When I write positive things about manufacturers, whos name are mentioned in my texts, way too many people are convinced that I do it because the manufacturer in question gave me the shirt, suit, shoes or whatever.

      I don’t think that anyone who has ever worked hard to build a strong, trustworthy brand, would ever think of risking their reputation, writing things they do not fully mean, just because someone paid them to do it.

      Sad enough, peaople also tend to be quite pessimistic about things they do not know anything about. Especially if it sounds better than what they have heard of before, but the still can’t try it themselves.

      One thing I’ve learned over the years though, is never to try to reason with those who have nothing to lose in a webdiscussion. Once you lose your own temper (no mater how entitled you are to lose it), you lose the whole discussion. No matter how right you are. So, take my humbe advice; No matter what crap people write about Adler Shoes, in blogs like this one or elsewhere, do not argue with them. You can’t possibly, ever, gain anything from such argumentation. Even if you are right, you are the loser in most readers eyes.

      It was was never my intention to try to spread any sort of rumors when I first published the blog post about Adler Shoes. I just wanted to learn more about your web based MTM shoe service, that really sounded promising. It still does to me.

      I believe people are hesitant to invest the still large amount of money, in a pair of shoes without any testimonials the feel they can rely on. I wanted to be able to give such a positive statement about your service, so that those of our approximately 100 000 visitors monthly, would feel encouraged to do the same, and start buying your Adler Shoes.

      Unfortunately, I can’t finance all such purchases with my own budget since our blog is still fully non commercial, and a non profit publication produced by poeple driven by their passion for good quality men’s products. This is why some manufacturers who rely on the goods the sell, and can afford to give a sort of discount or a free sample of their products, have done so. Still, no one has regreated doing so. Many have gained considerable profit from it.

      Hopefully, one day I’ll have the opportunity to see your shoes in real life. Until then, I wish you good luck with the Adler Shoes MTM service. If your shoes are as good as stated by yourself and on your website, people will notice soon enough, and you are likely to become a very successful company owner.

  17. John skriver:

    Hi Archibald, I guess our customers buy shoes and wear them without being overly enthusiastic about their footwear. Most of our customers from what I can see are professionals and probably don’t have the time or ambition to write in forums about their shoes. I’m occasionally told about one or another entry in some forum in Germany, but am really not too touched by this. This is one I was send an email by a customer who had looked for info on ADLER and found!-Was-tragt-ihr/page98 – at the top of the page apparently it says something in German about us and on the page before that but I can’t even be bothered to translate it. I can only say that we get plenty of re-orders which I take as a true sign of the level of customer satisfaction.
    Anyway, its back to work, spring is always busy

  18. John wotton skriver:

    I have recently purchased a pair of golf shoes from adler and am dissapointed by the shoes and the response from adler. The heels are 20 mm higher than footjoy, and feel like you are walking in high heels. I used them for 9 holes with rain for half an hour, although I waxed prior to use they leaked. They also rubbed my ankle and toe and broke the skin. Adlers response has been to sort it out myself.

    • Archibald skriver:

      Dear Mr Wotton
      Thank you for your valuable information.

      Judging from your words and the attitude shown above, one can’t really blame them for being humble? 🙂

  19. John skriver:

    Can’t complain about Mr. Wotton making this statement of fact – the only thing is, these are classic Golf shoes with a standard heel, which are also clearly shown in the picture. He got his new Golf shoes and took them out the first time during rain, something we and every other shoemaker srongly recommends against because the all leather sole has to set first and for Golf shoes we recommend sole-oil to be used.

    Mr. Wottons email said that he wants his money back or he would trash our name in Forums – sorry I do not react to threads like this and simply told him that, if he wishes we can adjust the heel for him since as he says he uses custom Golf clubs, which he didn’t mention before. I told him that we would bend over backwards to make customers happy but if someone approaches us in the tone of his email, sorry. I still did offer him to adjust the heel for him, but also suggested that since these are apparently his first classic Golf shoes, it may just be a case of getting used too
    This is a simple explaination of what happened, no more no less – the shoes are bespoke and made for his feet according to the model shown, with a heel and they are not plastic molded Footjoys ..

  20. John skriver:

    I would like to add a little advise here – if you are a Golfer and have worn Footjoys all the time, you should know that handmade all leather classic Golf shoes do require more care than your Footjoys. All leather Golf shoes give you many advantages, like a much firmer stance, better walking, more comfort etc.. but you need to oil the soles, especially the edges and on top of the frame and use a good wax – they should be cleaned and left to rest after use so they can dry with a shoe tree – when new, you should wear them for the first 2 or 3 times only in dry weather conditions for the sole to be able to compress before heading out to play in wet conditions. Something that accounts for all brand new leather sole shoes not just Golf shoes.

  21. John skriver:

    Just can’t help myself .. I know I shouldn’t but this is the last one .. promisse
    Dear Archibald, I’m not sure if you know what the English term being ”bias” means but here is an example;
    A manufacturer works hard to produce a great product at an affordable price and instantly there is suspicion and daubt in Forums with plenty of accusations – someone writes a complaint about a manufacturer rightfully or not the response is – Thank you for your valuable information –
    This is a prime example of being ”bias” which of course opens doors for anyone holding a grudge against a manufacturer to damage their reputation without the need of any proof and another reason why I like forums so much (sarcasm) ….. especially since we are hated by those extremely expensive shoe makers who are not happy about our very low prices and they find forums very usefull ….

    • Archibald skriver:

      I see your point. ”Thank you for sharing your experience” could have been appropriate as well.

      It is also up to all visitors to use their common sense to interpret what is written among the comments. As in this case, I know that many of our readers are well aware that it always take quite a while before a pair of proper calf leather shoes adapts to your own feet.

      A piece of knowledge that more or less has gone lost in the era of soft, cheap plastic shoes.

  22. Less than happy skriver:


    I am english and last week ordered some shoes from Adler. No sign of the ‘mould’ materials but the full price of the shoes has already been taken yet I have had no message or anything to confirm my order.
    Only speak English so have guessed at info requested in boxes below

    yours faithfully
    Less than happy

  23. John skriver:

    less than happy – to start with our software sends an automatic order confirmation to your email address – if the address is correct of course, you will receive it – if the email was correct and you have not received a confirmation, check your junk mail folder
    if this entry is true, why did you not send an email to us ? all casting sets are send UPS with tracking, so that it will be very easy to find out when it was send and where it is. Depending on where in the UK you are it can take up to a week for the set to arrive but normal is 3-4 working days

  24. LTH skriver:


    I have tried ringing, only get the ansafone, tried email can’t set it up to accept my gmail account. I will leave my mobile number on your ansafone now so you can ring me to sort this out, who knows you might get the ringing endorsement from a customer that seems so far to have eluded you on this blog?


  25. LTH skriver:

    Contact established, waiting for the ‘mould’ watch this space.

    Happier now

    • Ing. Nilsson skriver:

      Hi LTH,
      Did you get the shoes already and if so, we’re they corresponding to your expectations?


      • lth skriver:

        I sent the moulds back on 9th July. On 4th Sept having heard nothing I used the track the order facility on the site which simply stated that the material to make the moulds had been sent to me at the end of June.
        I contacted Adler & was told: Your casts arrived at our German offices on the 15th of July and your last is finished. Your shoes will be finished before the end of the month and be dispatched to you”. I have to say that the customer care isn’t reassuring particularly given that you would easily assume from the marketing blurb on the website that you were dealing with a London based business by someone called John Adler. I think his name is actually Sven! If he is genuine then this dialogue should be extremely useful feedback for him as to how he could reassure punters by keeping in contact or at least updating the tracking facility on his website.
        I will update the Drones Club at the end of September.

  26. 222Lurchi222 skriver:

    I have had very good experience with Adler-Shoes ….

    … following a thorough internet research, reading bulletin boards and blogs, I came across this company and ordered a pair of shoes.
    I received a kit with which I bandaged my feet, took a cast and sent it back – free of charge.

    Based on this cast, the company produced my personal last. For further orders all I need to do is send them my last number.

    On to quality: The fit is great; the leather used for the shoe, as well.
    You hardly feel the shoes at all. Those of you who are running around all day in business shoes know what I am talking about.

    What I liked best: Right after delivery of my shoes I had to place a claim (the sole of the heel had a defect) and e-mailed to the distribution partner. On the very same day I received a response including a cost-free UPS parcel label to be printed out.
    So I sent back the shoes; two weeks later they were back and this time everything was perfect.

    In my opinion, the quality of a company shows best in cases of claims and here all I can say is: Kudos!
    Very good solution, I am extremely happy and will definitely continue to order shoes made to measure at Adler-Shoes.

  27. ADLER shoes (@ADLER_shoes) skriver:

    lth – I’m John Adler – Sven is responsible for our European operation. On our website we say very clearly that our delivery time is 9-10 weeks after we receive the measurement set back from the customer. There is some logik in this since we cannot start working on the last before that. Any email request is answered within a day or two, we also offer call-back service or direct phone service – what else do you need? at our prices we cannot afford to hire 20 people who contact every customer once a week and give a progress report and I daubt you will get that from JL either where you pay 10x the amount. I’m not sure what your reason for the nagative coments here is especially since there was no reason for any of them. I can’t wait for your comments on the shoes although I can guess what those will be, based on your prior entries. I just wonder which UK cobbler you are working for? which you of course will deny but I have seen this scenario before

  28. ADLER shoes (@ADLER_shoes) skriver:

    I would like to add to this, on the website is syas clearly that you are dealing with Germany and even before you pay on PayPal you can not miss who the PayPal account is registered too.

    Also, you inquired about your order and got a timely comprehensive answer as to the status of your shoes, with any other company this would be complemented upon as good customer service, not critiqued – just seems the fact that I have more than one person working for me seems to give you reason to criticise us…. I’m sorry, but this is not useful feedback, rather comments by someone grasping for reasons to find fault

  29. Less than happy is now an understatement skriver:

    Got it all off your chest John? While you were abusing me couldn’t you have provided an update on where my shoes are? The end of the month is approaching fast and I ain’t seen or heard anything from any delivery company (know you have been busy pouring out vitriol on here). Any chance now of an update on expected delivery time because after your outburst on here I am seriously worried now that I have been conned! LTH

  30. Why should you have heard anything ? You were informed already that the shoes will be ready by the end of the month – WHAT DO YOU WANT????
    You have also been informed by UPS once they have been shipped.
    Where have I been abusing you? Your entries here are malignant and anyone with half a brain can see that, because you have NO cause – neither are we over the delivery date nor anything else and your request has been answered so save yoursselve for once you have the shoes and than you can let rip which I’m sure you will and earn your money …

  31. To start with, what outburst ?
    Second, we have no customer by the name of LTH so I can’t check
    I have simply stated facts against your outbursts with malignant complains which have no cause at all
    Why should you have been contacted by a delivery company? That usually happens when they have been shipped
    Save your time, I’m sure you will really let ripp once you have your shoes and make whoever is paying you for creating bad comments here happy

  32. £300 down at the minute skriver:


    I think anyone reading my comments dispassionately would see that I have done no more than report events objectively. I had assumed that you would have been up to speed on the thread to which you have repeatedly contributed. You would see that Sven has contacted me after my entry in June. Assuming they are coming from outside the UK I had expected they would be on their way by now and the shipper would have been in touch. Clearly it is going right to the wire. Sven has my details so you should be able to update me on my order. Then, when I have the shoes all that remains is for me to comment on the quality which I will do honestly. If, as you believe, I am delighted with the shoes then rest assured I will say so. Where then will that leave your allegation that I am a competitor seeking to undermine you? Furthermore, despite your unconventional customer relationship management I will order more because at that price I would be mad not to. Now, when can I expect my shoes?

  33. I can not conduct my business in a forum. If you want another update send an email, you do not need to refere to the forum, and you will get the information as anybody will ….
    You do not seem to realize that we have hundreds of active and new customers at any time and receive approx. between 120 and 200 emails a day with enquiries about shoe models and from customers who have problem feet and seek solutions. Neither Sven nor I can remember all customers out of a database with thousands nor all phone calls that took place weeks ago.
    Our service is not only aimed at people who want to wear beautiful, hand crafted shoes, but also those who because of us have the opportunity of wearing bespoke shoes for the first time because of our low prices and because we solve their problem – Yes, there is a 0.2% rate where the first pair does not fit perfectly due in ALL cases to the customer not following the quite easy instructions, but even in those cases do we either amend the shoes or even make a new pair without charge.
    Your very negative comments have been based on nothing, bashing us for .. absolutely nothing and that does set me off and looks to me like another case of a cobbler being pissed off because he lost a few customers to us, which happens frequently

  34. Not a Cobbler just a customer or dupe skriver:


    I believe you, shame you don’t believe me. I ordered my shoes told my wife and she asked me how I knew it was a genuine site. Good question so I googled you, up came the Drones which struck me as a forum conducting a legitimate debate about your business model. Having parted with my money I felt entitled to contribute to the debate by sharing my experience. Had that been perfect I would have reported so. I still can’t make my mind up if your contribution here which frankly is unprofessional is due to the amount of stress you are under as you struggle to keep up with demand or simply the tone of someone who has nothing to lose because they are making money out of an internet scam.

    When I was contacted by the Drones I saw that as further evidence of the genuine interest in your product from someone who might be a customer if it could be proved that you are genuine so I reported the facts. All along I thought I was the chance you needed to put the record straight and I can’t understand why as a businessman confident of his service and product, you don’t see it that way.

    I have been told to expect the shoes by the end of September so the day of judgement is soon. If the shoes are as good as you claim they will be you can still hope to retrieve this situation in respect of the product. Your contribution to this debate however (in my opinion) hasn’t helped your cause. Your tone with me has been abusive throughout. Lets hope no one actually reads this forum because I think you have shown yourself in rather a poor light here. I am none the wiser three months after I stumbled upon this forum than I was on the first day and nor it seems are you!

    Others will have their own opinion about the manner in which you conduct yourself on this forum. In my opinion that conduct has been more suited to an internet scammer trying to maintain a facade than that of an honest businessman. Perhaps I am wrong but it seems you don’t care.

  35. well, when looking back to yor first entry, that already was based on BS – our software automatically sends out order confirmation and I’m getting emails from customers with gmail accounts all the time. Thatwas the first time you called my business a scam and you, even though there was no cause whatsoever kept on accusing me of being a scammer – pardon me, but this does piss me off. The strange thing about all these Forums, a customer actually placed a positive comment in here and nobody pays any attention at all …. I’m surprised it wasn’t removed. However, negative ones are always remarked upon even though there are none with any real cause. I’m ending this now and let you write what the f… you want I have no more time for this BS and being called a scammer – and please do NOT order any more shoes form us, I really am not desperate for orders – go to John Lobb and pay 3,000.00 and wait one year for your shoes – by the way since you have not emailed enquiring about your shoes, the UK shipments are going out today from Germany and if you do not get a UPS email, yours might be delayed

  36. Ripped off royally skriver:

    So from that I do not expect to be receiving any shoes. All the doubters on this site were right and I was wrong. I will be seeking recovery of my money via Paypal but fear that having reported the transaction as suspicious, I have been strung along by our friend here just long enough not to qualify for a refund. The £300 was not entirely wasted though if it stops others from sending him more money. Ladies & Gentlemen, if you send money to a guy like ‘John/Sven Adler, you need your head testing, as we say in England. I’m off for just such a test. I think this thread is closed.

  37. This confirm my suspicion, he does not even know if they are being shipped today or if there may be a slight delay whereby we still have another week – but well.. whatever, I’m now asking the person responsible for this forum to remove this chaps entries. He mentioned ”scam” in each one of his entries from the beginning, based simply on the fact that if you mention it often enough people will start believing. This is damaging to my business and Imay have to involve our lawyers. I do not know what this idiot thinks how we are scamming peope with bespoke shoes?? this is utterly rediculous and we would be closed years ago.
    He is either a total nut case or this whole thing has been orchestrated by another cobbler

  38. by the way you idiot, may be, just may be, if you are actually that stupid to believe in what you write, may be the simple fact that we are using PayPal for a very long time should tell you something. If a company has a small number of claims against them, they will be disqualified from PayPal. In all the years we are working with them we have not had a single one and if your entries are not removed swiftly, I shall involve my lawyers since especially your last entry could cost you a lot of money – don’t worry, I have taken a screen print already – what ever the cobbler has paid you will be nothing compared to damages

  39. Can't Wait skriver:

    Get on with it and finally now I shall sink to your level. you tosser!

  40. Final thoughts skriver:

    I hope you are better at issuing writs than you are at dealing with customers and, by the way, you haven’t got a leg let alone a shoe to stand on. Talk is cheap my friend, I promise to publish the writ on this site when it comes. Or more likely update the Drones when it doesn’t. BTW the word paranoia as been used by other correspondants, your diatribe oozes it. You SAD bastard.

  41. oh .. lol … may I recommend you stay off whatever it is you are smoking. You either are not able to understand or you simply do not want to understand that you have no cause for any of your above ranting’s since you, according to your own statement, had a response to your enquiry and the delivery time as stated on our website is 8-10 weeks which is not over yet. It escapes any logic or normal thinking what your problem is if you were a real customer and not doing this for the competition. You do not seem to be able to understand facts and that is why I called you an Idiot hoping that you may understand this. Even if the shoes were a week late, which they are not, this would still give no cause for your ranting on about nonexistent scams. Anyone with a bit of common sense will understand that you either have a severe mental issue or another motive. At no time have I said that you were not getting the shoes. What I will say though is that once they have been send on their way, I will delete your account and have your last destroyed. So, have another beer and shut up until you get your shoes and then you can really let it rip

  42. More Final thoughts skriver:

    Listen Gepetto, either you have got your head between the hammer and the last once too often or the glue fumes have got to you. Get a grip :0) being a fair person I conclude that you aren’t a native English speaker and therefore something has got lost in translation. Read my postings again over the weekend when you have had a chance to relax a bit. I have been fair throughout. And if you are a fair person you will concede that all along I have been trying to give constructive feedback. Now stop screwing around on the internet and get my shoes on their way so I can (objectively )review them and if possible post a picture of your pride and joys on here.

  43. Archibald skriver:

    Something tells me you do not fully agree here chaps? Maybe it is time to let the comments rest for a while, shall we? To pour some mink oil on theese troubled waters.

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