Höstinspiration Sciamat

Det italienska skrädderiet Sciamat är för mig alltid en bra källa till inspiration. De skriver även en trevlig blog som skildrar händelserna i verksamheten, med kunder och plagg i fokus. Nedan ett urval ur deras kollektion som den ser ut för tillfället.

Tidigare bloggade Sciamat på en annan plats än idag. Denna äldre version ligger fortfarande kvar med allt gammalt material att bläddra igenom och inspireras av. Här om dagen gjorde jag en oväntad upptäckt i nedre delen av högermenyn.

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10 kommentarer till Höstinspiration Sciamat

  1. kOoLiNuS skriver:

    Hi! The WordPress.com space of Sartoria Sciamàt is being rethinked and it – probably – won’t be closed … it will evolve in something else!

    • Archibald skriver:

      Wonderful news. Just don’t make the mistake to let the ”evolution” take away the original focus.

      Too many developers through history have tried to make use of well trafficed domains, slowly adding completely new, different types of content.

      Let´s just hope it lives on in a new generation, still keeping the Sciamàt spirit with all it seemingly stands for.



  2. Alistair skriver:

    3 x love:

    -Love the lapels.
    -Love the tall shirt collar.
    -Love the jacket pattern and texture.


  3. Algy skriver:

    I think the lapels look too wide on the coat in upper picture, they disturbe the balance of the garment somewhat. But the shirt collars are indeed nice. I love those 60’s type shirts where you get a decent collar height not necessarily combined with two top buttons or a button down.

    • Alistair skriver:

      Sorry, but I fail to see any ”60’s type shirts” in the picture.
      Also, on the contrary, I think the jacket lapels ADD into bringing perfect balance to the jacket and overall composition.
      Furthermore, I think the Italians make a great job in nurturing and enhancing the classic Anglosaxon sartorial heritage. Most often even better than the brits themselves do (with a few exceptions of course).


      • Algy skriver:

        Well, take a closer look mate. If you look at the shirt in the upper picture for example, it is clearly a 60’s type shirt (around 1963, I would say, judging from the height) when it comes to the collar. Maybe the points should be a wee bit closer together, but that’s about it.

        It is a fact that the mod movement took a lot of inspiration from italian fashion, especially when it comes to the type of jackets they wore (”bum freezers” et cetera) but the shirts were ”romanized” as well. Of course the main shirt of the early mod was the Brooks Brothers soft roll collared one, but I would say the italian, high rise one was rather common as well.

        I’ve never liked wide lapels, never will, but I can appreciate almost any type of detail as long as they add something to the beauty of the garment. Frankly I think these lapels make the coat less attractive.

      • Alistair skriver:

        I’m looking veeeeeeery close, ”chum” and all I can see is a very modern style shirt collar. If having ANY kind of vintage inspiration I would say the shirt collar has a 70’s pedigree instead of 60’s dito, especially not early to mid 60’s as you imply .

        Once again I think it is safe to presume that we ”agree to disagree”.


      • Algy skriver:

        I didn’t mean to patronize you with the ”mate” mate. Old habit – sorry.

        When it comes to 60’s clothing, especially the early years, I am in no way an expert. But I find it safe to say that the extent of my interest and knowledge equals your knowledge of watches. So, I can assure you that the kind of collar in the picture WAS in fact used in the early to mid sixties. I’ve even owned a few NOS items.

        You are correctly pointing out that the 70’s produced a few high rise shirt collars looking a bit like that as well. Roger Moore used to wear them. But the ”main” collar type found on men during that decade (if you have to pick one) was a bit lower and with a slight curving of the collar leading to the quite exaggerated points or tips.

        With that said, you can safely say that the top picture shows a ”60’s type shirt collar”. The lapels are another thing. There, we can surely agree to disagree!

        All the best,


  4. Algy skriver:

    Disturb. Sorry ‘bout that.

  5. Bill skriver:

    ”Yet Ricci also noticed a flaw: ”Agnelli always had his hands pressed in his coat pockets, which forced the buttons down and caused the peak lapels to turn sideways.” To his credit, Ricci solved the problem and then some by creating a suit in which the shoulders, pockets, vents, and lapels—the ”special effects,” as he calls them—are collectively sewn skyward ”like a ski ramp,” which makes the wearer appear straighter and taller and keeps the details in place rather than letting them sag. ”



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