I händelsernas centrum

Förberedelser och meditativt skapande inför morgondagen. Egna mönster skissas ned, för att sedan ta form vid städet.





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2 kommentarer till I händelsernas centrum

  1. Mr. Tweed skriver:

    Dear Archibald,
    How nice to have you back! Those tube flies certainly look well made. Not the most traditional choice, but for coastal trout fishing it is understandable. Did you catch anything?

    After seeing the new fly-fishing program on the television, I found an interesting discussion about gentlemen fly-fishing at http://www.edgeforum.com/index.php?showtopic=99530 . Perhaps something for you drones to chime into…

    Mr. Tweed

  2. Archibald skriver:

    Dear Mr. Tweed

    Thank you very much for your compliment on my flies. It was a wonderful day by the stream. I only caught a big perch, but earned very valuable knowledge about the water from other fishermen who were there. I aim to hopefully have anothe go on friday, maybe better prepared then.

    Sadly though, way too many swedish fishermen take pride in only wearing old military clothes when fishing. Those garments are not to be despised, but they certainly should not dominate the outfit. Leather belts and old wool jackets can be a nice addition.

    Regarding the latest episode of ”Öringfiske jorden runt”, especially the part from England, it was truly delightful to see those flyfishing gentlemen. The part from swedish Emån was also very refreshing. Mikael Frödin and Martin Falkling participating in the production are nice chaps.

    It can be seen again on:

    With kind regards



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